MQ6025AUniversal tool grinder
This machine is suitable for grinding high speed steel, carbide cutting tools or other materials, but also easy to grind cylindrical, flat surface, such as grooves and forming. If equipped with special attachments, but also a variety of grinding gears, worm gear hob, forming cutter, ball mill, twist drills, reamers and other cone.

The machine wheel frame body flexible, can do two-dimensional adjustment, work to do bi-directional rotating head frame and cone with the international standard 50 holes for installation of various tools and fixtures. Table bearing pre-load the ball in the rail, running smooth and precise. Workbench can be manual or variable speed hydraulic drive.

Main specifications and parameters:

 At the top on the workpiece swing diameter  250mm
 Before and after the maximum distance from the top  630mm
 Working table size (L x W)  940x135mm
 Longitudinal largest mobile content  480mm
 Table maximum rotation angle  120°(60°)
 Grinding head (or apron) the maximum amount of movement in horizontal direction  230mm
 Wheel center line of the top minimum distance between the center line  50mm
 Wheel center line on the top the maximum distance between the center line  280mm
 The maximum amount of vertical movement grinding  230mm
 Wheel center line center line of the top up  175mm
 Wheel center line down the center line on top  55mm
 Grinding head rotation angle in the horizontal plane  360°
 Grinding head rotation angle in the vertical plane  30°(±15°)
 The end of the spindle taper  Morse taper 3 #
 Grinding Head Motor (50HZ)  Power  0.85/1.1KW
 Speed  1400/2800r/min
 Grinding spindle speed 3050/6095 r/min
 Cylindrical grinding attachment Motor (50HZ) Power  0.12KW
 Speed 1400 r/min
 Outline the minimum size of machine (length x width x high)  1460x1102x1240mm
 Machine weight  1000kg

Universal chuck 1 set
Left tailstock 1 set
Centres Regulation 1 set
Revised wheel 1 set
3 sets of wheel flange and guard
The right end bracket 1 set