6025W Universal tool grinder
Standard configuration is as follows: Double adjustable table. Inner circle grinding device, 50A 1 set of power tools grinder, 50B high-speed grinding head 1 set, 50H 1 set of universal tool grinder, 50C Tool grinding fixture 1 set, AMT linear guide 2 sets (imported), Dresser 1 set, wheel 1, taper shank axis 3, 1 set of tools.
Grinding range:The hole, cylindrical, cylindrical, groove, taper, milling cutter, disc cutter, lathe tool, square and diamond cutter, hobbing cutter and so on. Sand can be repaired.

Machine parameters:

 Max Workpiece diameter  250mm
 Workpiece diameter  10-50mm
 Table about travel  340/400mm
 Table before and after the trip  190mm
 Wheel vertical lifting distance:  160mm
 Level wheel turning angle:  360degree
 Grinding speed  4200/8000RPM
 Grinding motor power  3/4HP
 Total power  1HP
 Headstock center height  135mm
 Head and tail planes can be the maximum length of workpiece  450mm
 Table size  130*680mm
 Wheel size  150*16*32mm
 NW/GW  212kgs/225kgs
 Packing size  730*710*715mm