6025QUniversal tool grinder
1, this machine is suitable for grinding high speed steel, carbide cutting tools and other materials.
2, with a variety of accessories can be grinding: forming cutter, end mills, end mills, R-type cutter, cylindrical cutter, face milling cutters, single angle milling cutters, reamers, turning tools, R van knife , hobbing cutter, drill, tap, chisel, powerful cutting tools, chamfering tool, won cutter, cylindrical, flat grooves, forming noodles. Maximum wheel speed 40M / S.


Machine parameters:

 Max Workpiece diameter  250mm
  Longitudinal travel:  400mm
 Table cross travel:  150mm
 Wheel vertical lifting distance:  250mm
 Level wheel turning angle:  360°
 Grinding speed:  5000RPM
 Grinding motor power:  3/4HP
 Total power:  1KW
 Headstock center height:  135mm
 Headstock Spindle Hole:  Morse 4 #
  Head and tail planes can be the maximum length of workpiece:  450mm
 Table size  130×680mm
 Wheel size  125×50×32mm


 Packing size  870×630×630mm