6025Q Universal tool grinder
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1, the table of imported high-precision linear ball slide, bed sets smooth, handy to operate.
2, the machine tool according to milling to match a variety of accessories, can mill drill, tap, end mill, R-type cutter, R van knife, roller cutter, circle cutter and other tools.
3, the motor can be rotated 360 degrees on both sides equipped with wheels, to increase the handling tool grinding, tool when grinding different materials, as long as the first rotating wheel, you can start grinding again, do not replace the wheel, increase safety and reduce the wheel the exchange and repair time.
4, high toughness FC30 cast iron, a long time to keep the mechanical precision.

This machine is suitable for grinding high speed steel, carbide cutting tools and other materials.
Grinding with a variety of accessories are available: forming cutter, end mills, end mills, R-type cutter, cylindrical cutter, face milling cutters, single angle milling cutters, reamers, turning tools, R van knife, rolling cutter, drill, tap, chisel, powerful cutting tools, chamfering tool, won cutter, cylindrical, flat grooves, forming noodles.
Maximum wheel speed 40M/S.

Machine parameters:

 Grinding speed


 Wheel vertical lifting distance:


 Table cross travel:


 Max Workpiece diameter


 Grinding motor power:


 Level wheel turning angle:


 Longitudinal travel:


 Total power:


 Headstock center height:


  Headstock Spindle Hole:

 Morse 4 #

  Head and tail planes can be the maximum length of workpiece:


 Table size


 Wheel size




 Packing size