600Deep Hole Drilling Grinding
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600 standard gun drill sharpening machine with precision rolling guide, high-speed motor. Smooth movement of work, small friction. Grinder in the horizontal and vertical plane rotation. Expanding the use of machine tools. And sharpening jig with, accurate and efficient grinding can be a variety of gun drill.

Machine parameters:

 Max Workpiece diameter

 250 mm

 Table about travel

 260 mm

 Table before and after trip

 150 mm

 Wheel lifting distance:

 150 mm

 Wheel rotation angle


 Wheel size

 150×16×32 mm

 Wheel speed

 3600 RPM

 Motor pressure/hp

 3/4 HP   220V/380V



 160/168 KG

 Packing size

 700×630×630 mm

Optional Accessories:  
50Q gun drill gun drill sharpening fixture for special tooling. The compact, easy clamping reasonable adjustment is simple, time-saving process (a fixture may be grinding to complete all angles), the processing of the drilling blade high strength, good accuracy. Grinding range of ¢ 5 - ¢ 40.