600F Universal tool grinder
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Name: Universal Tool Grinder Model: 600F
1, universal tool grinder (host) 1
2 sided wheel a
3, a universal tool grinder
4, a lathe tool grinder
5, the cone grinding spindle 1
1, the use of precision linear ball slide, bed sets smooth, handy to operate. 2, the motor can be rotated 360 ° to increase the range of mechanical functions and grinding. 3, a variety of grinding parts can be installed and completed a variety of grinding tools. 4, set simple. 5, easy. 6, ground accurately and quickly. Universal tool grinding lathe tool grinding energy with a variety of fixtures, and face milling cutters, hobbing cutter, drill, tap and other mechanical cutting tools.

Mechanical Specifications:



 Table before and after the trip


  Table size


 Wheel lifting distance:


 Wheel rotation angle


 Wheel size

 125 x 50 x 32mm

 Wheel speed

 3,600 RPM 

 Motor pressure, horsepower




 Packing size

 690x 700 x 800mm

For grinding products:

 1, the roller cutter grinding

 2 mill grinding

 3, side and face milling cutter grinding

 4, single point cutter grinding

 5, T-shaped slot cutter grinding

 6, cylindrical cutter grinding

7, blade cutter grinding

8, staggered tooth cutter grinding

9, plug cutter grinding

10, reamer grinding

11, lathe tool grinding

12, heavy cutting tool grinding

13, twist drill grinding

14, tap grinding

15, which marks the blade grinding

16, gun drill grinding




 Figure shows


 Double Wheel



 Grinding wheel

 50H Universal tool grinder

 1 set

 Rolling mill cutter, Reamer, side cutter, etc.

 50C Universal Tool grinder

 1 set

 Refers only to clamp accessories, grinding turning tools

 Spindle taper grinding



 Morse taper shank mandrel 4


 1 set

 Wooden hand 2, hex wrench 3

 EXTRA EQUIPMENT(at extra cost):
 Name Quantity Icon Description
 50D End mill grinder  1 set  6-28mm diameter shank and the shank of the end of ramp
Face and side cutters, side cutters
 50E Universal R-cutter grinder (grinding mill, and R (ball) milling, forming one, and then free replacement parts)  1 set   Have included 50F of the end mill grinder
A function of diameter 6-28mm end mill end and side, R (ball) type cutter, R (ball) Model knife
 Top Tool grinding fixture 1 set Top grinding tool needs
 50K Multi-function tool grinder 1 set   Six claw chuck and the handle, the cam set each
Grinding drill bits, drill cuttings stage, tap,
Front end mill, rod and other tools.
 Table Chassis  Table  


Work Accuracy:




 Roughness of the ground cutter surface

 Roughness of the ground cutter surface

 Ra 0.4μm