32N Multi-function tool grinder
Grinding capacity:
1、ψ2mm~ψ60mm (Straight shank and oblique stem) of the drill bit, drill classes, NC drill, tap, chamfer tool, end mill end, rod and other tools.
2, bilateral wheel: When grinding cutting tools of different materials, as long as the rotary motor to start grinding again, increase safety and reduce the time for dressing grinding wheel and replace them.
3, using precision chuck 6 jaw, a clamp to complete the grinding, setting simple, accurate and rapid grinding.
4 easy to operate.

Mechanical Specifications:

 Table About travel


 Table Before and after travel


 Wheel rotation angle


 Front angle drill


 Wheel size

 125 x 50 x 31.75mm

 Wheel speed

 3,600 RPM

 Motor: 3/4HP




  Packing size

 800 x 550 x 670mm