Eagle 300 Side cutter chamfering machine
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Machine Features 1, for the workpiece without heat treatment, small molds, machinery parts chamfering;
2, by way of cutting the side cutter, easy to change blades quickly and accurately chamfer finish good;
3, the chamfer size: 0 ~ 6mm;
4, adjusted chamfer angle: 15 ° ~ 45 ° chamfering machine without clamping, slide high quality mold steel after heat treatment, durable.
Simple, regular bevel, easy adjustment, economic, reliable, efficient equipment is the traditional 10 to 15 times, using fast machine chamfering machinery industry trends.
Suitable for batch processing of small parts, molds, mold chamfer machining, sheet metal processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing. Widely used in steel, steel, die, die, metal processing, metal parts manufacturing and other industries.

Technical parameters


300 (side of the cutter-type chamfering machine)


220V/HZ 2380V/HZ


750W 3500RPM

rail length


table size

500 * 150mm

blade specifications

3.17 * 12.7 four-blade tungsten steel sheet

bevel angle adjustment range

15 ° -45 °

chamfer depth