Eagle 100 portable chamfering machine
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Model: 100
This is an aluminum pole head, a straight line can chamfer angle (45 degrees). 0-3mm size range can be any mediation. (Workpiece thickness of 5mm or more)
1, the use of 9.525X3.82mm alloy blade, can easily be 0-3mm chamfer;
2, the alloy is very easy to change blades. Alloy surface of the blade 4 can be used;
3, dual alloy head, they chip more easily and quickly.

Technical parameters 



rated voltage


rated frequency


input power


load speed




maximum chamfer dimensions


chamfer angle






Main purposes:
Metal materials for the larger chamfer, such as molds, machinery, machine tools, ship manufacturing, metal welding mouth and so on.
2-1: to be grounded can be used;
2-2: each part of the test (check for loose screws or parts off);
2-3: The power of confirmation (you must use the 220V power supply);
2-4: turn off the switch, plug in the power;
2-5: Before use, you must first turn on the switch, the blade rotation, and then move the object from scratch over contact with the cutting process, such as turn on the switch contact will cause the blade damage;
2-6: Do not touch the rotating blades in the hands and body;
2-7: Stop work on the ground or the unit operating table must be closed switch, confirm that the blade has stopped off;
2-8: Do not use the machine or the exchange of parts, and power outages, the power cable must be unplugged from the electrical outlet;
2-9: Cutting the needle powder fly asunder, careful not to touch the body;
2-10: Do not rain in a wet environment and use;
2-11: To extend the power cable, use diameter of 0.75m square meters or more in the power cord;
2-12: custody of kids can not touch when placed in a dry place.
Blade exchange methods:
3-1: The head of the hex bolt release;
3-2: Remove the head;
3-3: backhand to unscrew the screw blade, remove the blade;
3-4: Note the direction of the blade, put the new blade;
3-5: Press on the head;
3-6: each part of the test (check for loose screws or parts fall off.)
2-3 Note: Do not be a gap in the end, tighten the hex bolts.

 M5 Allen wrench Hex.Wrench Key M5 1

M6 Allen wrench Hex.Wrench Key M6 1

M4 Allen wrench Hex.Wrench Key M4 1

Hex M4X10 bolts Hex.Screw M4x10 2

Brush Carbon Brush Assy 1

alloy blades         Tip sq Assy                       2